Happy New Year, Commencing Operations with Grandeur

Date: 2024-02-20 Categories: Blog

After the warm annual leave, Qeehua Pump, a renowned professional chemical pump manufacturer in the industry, ushered in a vibrant new beginning. All employees gathered together to participate in the grand opening ceremony, sounding the prelude for the journey of the new year.

At the opening ceremony, our company leadership delivered an emotional and inspiring speech. They reviewed our company's glorious history in the field of chemical pumps, expressed sincere gratitude for everyone's hard work over the past year, and looked ahead to the future development vision together with the team. As a professional chemical pump manufacturer, we are deeply aware of the responsibilities and missions we shoulder. In the new year, we will continue to uphold the principles of professionalism, innovation, and pragmatism, committed to providing customers with superior products and services.

To enhance the joyful atmosphere of the opening ceremony, the company carefully planned a series of activities. The lucky draw brought surprises one after another, making everyone feel the warmth and care of the company; the tug-of-war demonstrated the teamwork and strength of the employees, creating a lively atmosphere on the spot. The most anticipated moment was the chorus, where employees expressed their love for the company and aspirations for a better future through sonorous singing, jointly presenting the brilliant chapter of Qeehua Pump.

These activities not only strengthened the cohesion among employees but also deepened our sense of pride and honor as members of the Qeehua Pump family. We know that every step of the company's growth and success is inseparable from everyone's joint efforts and dedication.

The new year has set sail, and Qeehua Pump will continue to leverage the advantages of a professional chemical pump manufacturer, forge ahead bravely, and develop innovatively. With the joint efforts of all employees, we believe that the new year will bring even more glorious achievements! Let us work together to contribute more strength to the development of the chemical pump industry and jointly write the bright future of Qeehua Pump!