Application areas:

QHX Magnetic drive pump is suitable for the cyclic transportation of acid-base corrosive fluids in various fields such as PCB circuit boards, semiconductors, flow batteries, new materials, surface treatment, chemical environmental protection, biopharmaceuticals, and waste gas and wastewater treatment. In use scenarios such as plastic electroplating, continuous plating, wastewater and gas treatment, lithium batteries, electrophoretic coating, ultrasonic cleaning, glass etching, precision electronics, etc., it can withstand any concentration of strong acid and alkali corrosion solutions with a pH value of 0 to 14. The pumps exhibit no leakage or cracking, with excellent performance, stability, and durability, ensuring a clean production environment and production safety.

QHX Series Exploded View

  1. Inlet flange connector: PPH/PVDF/CFRETFE
  2. Inlet flange: GFRPP
  3. Inlet seal o-ring:EPDM/FKM/FFKM
  4. Outlet flange connector: PPH/PVDF/CFRETFE
  5. Outlet flange: GFRPP
  6. Outlet seal o-ring: EPDM/FKM/FFKM
  7. Holding screw:SUS304/SUS316/Ti
  8. Front Cover: The front cover adopts a double convex ridge sealing structure design. It can choose a hose connection type or thread connection type according to different needs.
  9. Shaft: 99% ceramic /SSIC/ titanium material, strong acid and alkali resistance, liquid adhesion rate is low
  10. Front & Rear Covers Seal O-ring
    FKM is suitable for acid liquids and solvents, EPDM is suitable for alkali and weak acid liquids, and optional FFKM is suitable for any strong acid and alkali liquids and solvents.
  11. Impeller Assembly: Composed of impeller + internal magnet (passive magnet), the inner magnet coating is integrated by injection molding to ensure no penetration, no magnetic explosion, and long service life, The impeller is scientifically designed, and the deflection is less than 0.2mm to ensure the stability of flow and heat output. It can also avoid the problem of leakage because the impeller deflection is too large, causing the shaft and bearing to wear through the rear cover.
  12. Rear Cover Assembly: Double convex ridge sealing structure design, The rear cover material is PPH/PVDF/CFRETFE.
  13. Frame: PP + glass fiber injection molding, corrosion resistance, and support strength are higher, to prevent the fixed base dip liquids from being corroded.
  14. Drive Magnet: Drive magnet vibration is lower than 2.0mm/s, using rare earth strong magnetic, non-degaussing, surface resin paint process to ensure strong corrosion resistance.
  15. Motor

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Our chemical pumps and filters are widely used in circuit boards, flow batteries, electroplating etching, electrophoretic coating, spray towers, chemical equipment, semiconductors, experimental instruments, waste gas and wastewater, new energy, temperature control pharmaceuticals, etc.

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Qeehua Pump was established in 2010. We are a source manufacturer with rich experience in chemical pump R&D and manufacturing. Our products cover corrosion-resistant magnetic pumps, self-priming pumps, vertical pumps, centrifugal pumps, metering pumps chemical filters, etc. We have passed ISO9001, CE, SGS, and other certifications, and our product quality is stable and reliable. Our agents and distributors are located in 30+ countries and regions. "Win-win cooperation and helping customers achieve greater success" is our growth philosophy. Welcome to contact us to provide you with safe, efficient, and reliable chemical liquid transportation solutions.


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