The indispensability of metering pumps in chemical production

Date: 2023-09-10 Categories: Blog

In chemical production, the accuracy and stability of fluid delivery are crucial to product quality. As a device that can achieve this function, metering pumps have become an indispensable part of chemical production. Next, we will discuss in detail the working principle of metering pumps and their important role in chemical production.

metering pumps

Brief Description of Operating Principle

The core of a metering pump is its high-precision flow control system. It is usually driven by a motor and uses a precise mechanical structure to cause the piston or diaphragm in the pump body to reciprocate at a certain speed and stroke. This reciprocating motion can precisely control the amount of fluid that is inhaled and exhaled each time, enabling precise fluid delivery.

Critical role in chemical production

  • Accurate metering and mixing: In chemical reactions, the ratio of various raw materials requires precise measurement. Metering pumps ensure that each raw material is accurately delivered by the set ratio, ensuring the stability of the reaction and the quality of the product.
  • Continuous production: Compared with traditional batch production, continuous production mode is more efficient. The continuous delivery function of metering pumps provides strong support for achieving continuous production.
  • Processing complex fluids: In chemical production, it is often necessary to process fluids with high viscosity, corrosivity, or solid particles. The strong adaptability of metering pumps makes it easy to deal with these challenges.


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